Man Brutally ATTACKS Woman, Curb Stomping Her Before Attempted Rape In Broad Daylight In Crime-Friendly NYC Investigated as Attempted Murder

No real suspect description, just the clothing and build.

As Crime Surges with Zero Repercussions, a NYC Man Attempts Vicious Assault

Crime is up and punishment is down. A Harlem resident attempts to take advantage of NYC’s soft-on-crime stance to carry out a bloodcurdling attack. The 43-year-old woman was approached from behind on Friday evening on West 123rd street in Harlem, where a violent thug was caught on camera placing blue latex gloves on his hands before proceeding to knock the unsuspecting woman to the ground.

After apprehending his victim, the creep repeatedly kicked the woman, at one point curb stomping her, before undressing and attempting to rape her.

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Police said the man fled the scene before completing the rape. His horrific attack left the victim with numerous injuries including severe head trauma. Paramedics took her to an area hospital where remains in critical condition.




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