Man, Covid-19 Just Keeps Getting Worse…

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by Adam Taggart

The time it takes to hit the next million infected is shorter than ever

Sick and tired of this pandemic yet? We sure are.

But sadly, covid-19 increasingly looks like it’s going to be with us for a LONG time to come.

Globally, cases are mounting fast, with the time it takes to hit the next million infected shorter than ever.

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And not only are we learning people can contract the virus a second time, it’s looking like a meaningful number of patients can get it even more times than that. And successive infections appear to have symptoms that are every bit as intense as the first.

Even among those who ‘recover’ — even those cases that were asymptomatic — numerous patients display long term organ damage (heart, lungs, kidneys, etc).

Chris walks through the latest findings on each of these worrisome topics, yet also shares the more optimistic data indicating the cheap and widely-available drug Ivermectin makes any important positive difference in reducing the damage covid-19 inflicts.

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