Man & his horse get a Covid Ticket in Alberta for attending a freedom rally! No joke! Interview video

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Two tickets for attending freedom rally — one for you, one for the horse

Ken Finlayson was invited by a friend to attend a freedom walk in opposition to mandatory COVID restrictions in Alberta.

Being a cowboy, Ken does not care much for walking, so he did what any self-respecting cowboy would and brought himself a horse. Ken received a $1,200 fine for attending the walk, and his horse Jumping Jack also received a $100 fine. Let the history books show that Jumping Jack may very well be the first horse in the world to have received a COVID-related ticket.

Dr. Pol can u pay the horses fine!

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Lawman who gave the horse a ticket ur one weird cop, an embarrassment to the profession.


Jumping Jack will be the most famous horse in North America soon. He will have the best feed and stable money can buy!
He is gold mine right now.
15 minutes of fame!
Move over Mr Ed & Secretariat.
Jumping Jack is here!

h/t coorslight


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