Man is still able to remotely control Ford rental five months after returning it

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Scientific and technological progress often brings plenty of benefits for the average person, but sometimes, there are unintended consequences. As modern vehicles become more advanced, these consequences have become more clear than ever.

A recent report from Ars Technica highlights some of the issues associated with renting or buying a “connected vehicle” from a third party. In this case, a man named Msamba Sinclair acquired a Ford Expedition from rental service Enterprise back in May. A few days after returning it later that month, Sinclair realized — much to his surprise — that he still had access to the vehicle via the FordPass app, which lets drivers control various aspects of a supported Ford vehicle remotely.

Specifically, Sinclair was able to remotely start or stop the car’s engine, lock or unlock the doors, and track its exact location. To this day (many months later), Sinclair still has access, suggesting that Enterprise (at least, the specific location the vehicle is being rented from) has failed to reset the vehicle’s infotainment system properly upon each new rental.

Sinclair has tried to bring this issue to the attention of Ford, but without any success. His suggestions for fixing the dilemma, submitted via Ford’s “New Ideas” program, were also rejected.

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