Man starts airplane company last week: expecting $10 million bailout from government

via thestonkmarket

Indiana – Local man Rodney, from Indianapolis launched an airline company this week called “Bailout Flights”.  The mission of Bailout Flights is to collect a portion of the $54 billion of bailout money going to the airline industry.  Rodney spoke on record stating how he is confident Bailout Flights will collect at least $10 million dollars.

“I’m pretty darn sure Bailout Flights will be able to collect at least $10 million dollars from the government,” Rodney stated.  “You see, the government isn’t very smart.  I highly doubt those government  ‘officials’ will even check to see how long Bailout Flights has been in business.

Rodney isn’t alone in this entrepreneurial venture.  There have been 25 new airline companies started in the past week and over 50 cruise ship companies.  Half of these companies are headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida and the other half in Bermuda.




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