Manatee Co. (FLA) man who requested ballot for dead wife: ‘I feel like I haven’t done anything wrong’

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His dumbass did an interview with the local reporter,and the story was more than sympathetic towards him.

The reporter’s last line of the interview :

“We are going to stay on top of this case for Mr. Wiggins.”… he’s a victim.

A Manatee County man is being accused of voter fraud after authorities say he requested a mail-in ballot for his wife, who died two years ago.

On Friday, Larry Wiggins spoke exclusively to 8 On Your Side after he was released from Manatee County Jail.

And here’s what happens to a white guy,a poll worker nonetheless,who got an errant ballot in his mail and did the right thing :

Poll worker who received stranger’s ballot says postal employee threatened him

A postal employee delivered a mail-in ballot to the wrong address, but when the person who accidentally received it told the post office, he says he was threatened with an arrest.

“I received a ballot two days ago in the mail. It was addressed to a different person,” Gray said.

How the wrong ballot ended up in Gray’s mailbox is anyone’s guess.

That other voter had a completely different name, had a different street number, lived on a different street and even resided in a different zip code.

His home was more than six miles away from Gray’s home.





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