Manufacturing Kamala: ‘Biden-Harris administration’ verbiage is another step closer to the president the US media wanted all along

With the Biden administration transitioning all of their official documents to explicitly include VP Kamala Harris, stubborn facts that got in the way of the preferred media narrative are a step closer to being ‘corrected.’
Traditionally, the US governments are referred to by the name of the current president – the Trump administration, the Obama administration, etc. In a break from that tradition, the current occupants of the White House have chosen to use “Biden-Harris administration” on all their official documents, websites, social media accounts and the like.


What’s particularly interesting, however, is that the woker-than-thou crew chose not to make political hay out of this. There was no “we’re elevating our First Ever Woman of Color vice president in the name of equity and equality” pomp one would normally expect. Instead it was done on the down-low, with the mainstream media not noticing for almost a week – and acting supremely incurious about it even then.

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Nothing to see here, it’s perfectly normal to have vice presidents on equal footing with the POTUS and doing stuff like making calls to international leaders. Except it really isn’t. The post has long been regarded as vestigial and played for laughs.

How many people know who was Woodrow Wilson’s VP? The only reason anyone remembers Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson or Gerald Ford is that they stepped up when their presidents died or resigned.

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