Many U.S. Cities Are Already Starting To Resemble Post-Apocalyptic Cesspools As America’s Collapse Accelerates

by Michael Snyder

For a moment, I would like you to take an imaginary tour of a major U.S. city with me, and I would like for you to try to guess which city I am talking about.  As you stroll along the sidewalks in the heart of this city, it seems like tents have been erected everywhere.  Homelessness is completely and utterly out of control in this particular city, and even though city officials keep making more promises the crisis just continues to get worse.  As you continue your tour, you notice multiple addicts doing drugs right in front of you.  Drug needles, human waste and other trash are strewn all over the place, and you wonder why nobody from the city has cleaned up the mess.  All of this filth has created a stench that is overpowering at times, and you try not to gag.  As you travel deeper into the urban core of this city, you are shocked to see two men with guns carjack a woman a couple of blocks away.  Not wanting to get involved, you abruptly change direction.  You are startled when a couple of addicts that look like they were pulled straight out of a zombie movie start asking you for money, and you begin instinctively walking faster without even thinking about it.  Unfortunately, you have stumbled into an alley that you should never have gone down, and you now find yourself completely surrounded by curious street people.  You try to make a break for it, but it is too late.

I’ll stop our imaginary tour right there.

Can you guess which major U.S. city I am talking about?

Sadly, the reality of the matter is that there are many U.S. cities that closely fit the description that I just gave you.  For example, Los Angeles was once one of the most beautiful cities on the entire planet, but today it is being described as a “squalid cesspool”

The Democrat-controlled city of Los Angeles has devolved into a squalid cesspool of rampant crime, uncontrolled homelessness and filthy streets littered with trash, drug paraphernalia and human waste.

That’s the observation of numerous Californians, including award-winning actor James Woods, who lamented on Monday that the picturesque city he once loved “is gone.”

If you walk through the streets of Los Angeles today, you will find that homeless people have erected tents literally all over the city.  Jeremiah Babe has demonstrated this over and over again in his excellent videos, and the footage that he captures during his visits to the core of Los Angeles just seems to keep getting worse over time.

As conditions in Los Angeles deteriorate, it is fueling a dramatic rise in violent crime.  The murder rate in Los Angeles is up 95 percent so far this year, and it is now the number one political issue in the entire city.

Further north, San Francisco officials are dealing with their worst drug epidemic ever.  San Francisco has always had a big problem with drugs, but Dr. Christopher Colwell says that the widespread use of fentanyl has taken things to an entirely different level…

“Our most immediate threat right now is the opioid epidemic and the trauma we are seeing. We are seeing increases I haven’t seen in my career around dependency and overdoses, mostly involving fentanyl. We always had problems with opioids, specifically heroin, but fentanyl has changed the whole landscape of drugs.”

When we think of addicts, we tend to envision street people in our minds, but in San Francisco a lot of people that are overdosing these days are respected professionals

A physician, two nurses, a professional athlete, a drug dealer and a lawyer who had nodded off in court. Teenagers, specifically a 14- and a 15-year-old. And a 7-year-old who got into a stash in her mother’s purse.

These are some of the types of people Dr. Christopher Colwell, the chief of emergency medicine at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, has recently seen in the emergency room for medical issues related to fentanyl use and overdoses.

Whenever you have large numbers of drug addicts in a particular city, you are going to have a problem with property crime.  Addicts are always looking for more money to pay for their next hits, and shoplifting has gotten wildly out of control in the city.

What makes things even worse is that shoplifters in San Francisco face very light consequences if they are actually caught, and so at this point they have become extremely brazen

Alarming video captured the moment a brazen robber filled a garbage bag with products at a San Francisco Walgreens and bicycled out of the store after no one tried to stop him.

The footage posted on Twitter by ABC7 Reporter Lyanne Melendez was filmed on Monday afternoon in a Walgreens at the corner of Gough and Fell streets in the Bay Area – where 17 of the pharmacy’s stores have been forced to close in recent years due to theft.

I watched the video, and the thief actually brushes right up against the security guard without any concern whatsoever.

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On the other side of the country, police in the Atlanta area are operating under new rules that restrict them from chasing criminals.  This is infuriating many residents, because now violent criminals can literally get away with just about anything if they just drive away fast enough

This is the moment cops appear to do nothing amid a drive-by shooting in Atlanta as residents of the wealthy Buckhead area say it’s a ‘warzone’ and demand to secede.

The video, which was played on Tucker Carlson Tonight, shows people lining up near a dark-colored van that is parked on the side of the road when a white car passes by and shots ring out, with one going straight through the dark van, striking one of the passersby and sending people scrambling.

A few seconds later, blue lights could be seen reflecting off the windshield of the black van, symbolizing police cars passing by and not stopping at the scene in the wealthy Buckhead neighborhood.

By the way, the murder rate in Atlanta is up 60 percent so far this year, and officials in Atlanta say that they are desperate for solutions.

Here is a solution.  Perhaps they should actually allow the police to chase down criminals that are shooting at people.

Just a thought.

Up north, New York City hasn’t seen this much degradation since the dirty days of the 1970s.  Crime is wildly out of control, and filth is seemingly everywhere.

Earlier today, I came across a report from the local Fox affiliate that discussed the fact that the number of subway cars that are soiled by “feces, vomit, and blood” is increasing…

As people return to the subway system in New York City, they are finding more trash and filth, according to a new report.

There has been a rise in soiled train cars this year according to Daily News including cases of feces, vomit, and blood.

Do you ever wonder who gets to clean up those messes?

I hope that whoever has to do that job is well paid.

As our major cities degenerate into cesspools of crime, drugs and filth, vast numbers of ordinary citizens are fleeing for greener pastures.  In fact, North American Van Lines has just released a report that confirms that there was a huge wave of migration from “blue states” to “red states” in 2020…

The pandemic saw people leave Democratic blue states in droves and head towards sunnier climes in the red states of the south to escape the strict lockdowns and spiraling crime.

A migration report from moving company North American Moving Services found those living in the states of New York, California, Illinois, New Jersey and Maryland headed for Arizona, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina and Idaho.

Unfortunately, this is just the beginning.  As our cities continue to deteriorate, millions more Americans will be seeking to relocate.

Of course this ongoing mass exodus has already pushed home prices in many desirable rural and suburban areas to absolutely absurd levels.

If you are thinking about relocating, I would recommend doing it as soon as possible, because the collapse of our major cities is only going to get worse.


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