Marin Katusa – Robinhood Trading Exposed: How They Steal from the Poor and Give to the Ultra Rich

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Katusa Research, Released on 6/21/20

It was touted as the trading platform set to level the playing field between the Wall Street one-percenters and the rest of the world. All thanks to its ease of access and nonexistent fees.

Robinhood has quickly become the go-to trading platform for a generation of new investors, speculators and get rich quick fans.

With over 30 Billion in (AUM) Assets Under Management, how do they make money?

Marin Katusa has worked directly with and financed many companies of well-known individuals in the resource industry and has become one of the most trusted and well connected dealmakers in the junior resource sector. During this time, he has become one of the most successful portfolio managers in the resource sector, such as his 2009 Fund Partnership (KC50 Fund, LLC) which has outperformed the comparable index, the TSX-V by over 600%. Marin provides his research reports and original ideas at, and he is the author of the New York Times Bestseller The Colder War: How the Global Energy Trade Slipped from America’s Grasp

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