Markets TANK As Italian Bonds Crash MOST IN 4 YEARS! – This Won’t End Well

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the recent bond bloodbath in Italy as we see a chain reaction throughout Europe and the United States.
Italian 2 year yields spiked most since October 2014 and Italian 10 year yields spiked most since November 2014, the ECB is in a panic as it’s overwhelmed in its own markets.
Italian bonds are only 70bps tighter than US bonds!
The markets were spooked by the mention of BoTs which affected Italian banks like Monte Dei Paschi, UniCredit and Intesa Sanpaolo; Italian bonds and Italian credit risk.
This only vindicates what we’ve been talking about for a long time. The Italian markets and economy are in serious turmoil and the manipulation and centralization propping it up can only last so long. We cannot put a date on when the inevitable crash is, but the crash WILL happen and it’s only a matter of when.
The banks are insolvent, fiat always reverts to its true value of zero. The bubbles will burst and the bail-ins will happen.
It’s up to you the individual to prepare yourself. Be self sufficient, financially responsible, independent. Understanding the information provided is only the beginning, but it’s the most important, most difficult part of the transformation that will bring a person off their knees and on their feet.

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