Marshall Swing Issues An Alert: The Commercials ARE BUSTING UP The Managed Money Shorts

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by Marshall Swing of The Church of Acts

Been busy the last few days and just taking a few moments to update folks on what is going on in silver and gold.  And still hoping I get some time in the next few days to write that article giving more insight into position reversal indicators that I use and mentioned at the end of January and others recently.

Got in a decent short trade and long as well and it has been a busy month on several fronts and I am not used to being this busy!

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It appears to me the Commercials are busting up the Managed Money short positions as their size grew a little too much so they need to reign them in as we approach THE BIG KILL in July.

The real story is on the charts.

Much more soon from The Wilderness of Southern Illinois where we are anxiously awaiting THE BIG ONE from the New Madrid Fault Zone!  We’re definitely going to get it sooner than later…

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Stay exceedingly thirsty for physical metal my friends and be totally out of all paper markets by the end of June or earlier as those UK and Syrian false flags keep comin’…,



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