MASS Layoffs As Disney Buys 21st Century Fox! – WHY This Matters


Josh Sigurdson reports on the massive merger of Disney with 21st Century Fox and what it means for the rest of us as the spread of information becomes more and more difficult.
21st Century Fox, related to 20th Century Fox, its partial namesake which has itself many assets was bought up by Disney for 71 billion dollars as of March 20th, 2019.
As the monopolies and duopolies get bigger it becomes more and more clear that the narrative of those independently producing information for the public is getting more heavily restricted. It also becomes clear that despite these companies all heading towards total bankruptcy as they lose vast amounts of their audience and attempt to financialize their corporations, they are doing whatever they can in their power to push off the inevitable.
The stock market is bubbled to ridiculous levels, the derivatives bubble worldwide is multi-quadrillion dollars. As this entire everything bubble comes crashing down while people look elsewhere for information, they massive conglomerates are doing whatever they can to keep peoples’ eyes on them and wallets empty.
So how will this affect independent media?