Mass stabbing attack in central Paris, multiple injuries reported

BBC reporting this –

The suspect in a deadly knife attack in central Paris on Saturday evening is a French citizen born in 1997 in Russia’s republic of Chechnya, sources say.

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Named by media as Khamzat Asimov, he was on a French watch list of people who could pose a threat to national security, the sources said.

Source: Le Parisien (trans.)

Eye witness: Attack with a knife in Paris: “He walked ahead while whispering Allahou Akbar”, testifies Romain 

Heard last night by the police, Romain, 34, is one of the direct witnesses of the attack and is among those who gave the alert. Here is his story.

“He was going forward, gently repeating Allahu akbar, as if he wanted to give himself courage …” During the terrorist attack , 34-year-old Romain S. was in the Starbucks café with his wife and 6-year-old son Saturday night in the Opera district. This thirty-year-old witnessed part of the scene and was interrogated by the judicial police in the night

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Romain gave the alert at 8:46 pm to police relief but the police had already received calls from witnesses. The first alerts would be at 8:35 pm, according to what the PJ investigators told him.


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