Mass Stabbing in New Zealand by Islamic Radical Inspired by ISIS

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by Chris Black

So this guy was constantly monitored by the police, and still he went out and stabbed a bunch of people anyway. 

How can’t you trust the government? You must be a right wing white supremacist.

What kind of country even is this? Maybe the solution would be to ban knives, I can’t think of anything else.


A stabbing attack in an Auckland supermarket in which multiple people were injured was an act of terrorism, New Zealand’s prime minister says. The suspect was shot dead by police.

“This afternoon, at approximately 2:40pm, a violent extremist undertook a terrorist attack on innocent New Zealanders in the New Lynn Countdown [supermarket] in Auckland,” Ardern said at a press conference.

The suspect was a known threat to authorities and under constant monitoring, she added.


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