MASS Surveillance State In Australia! – Chinese Style Cashless Society Coming SOON!

Josh Sigurdson reports on the quickly growing surveillance state in Australia as new technology is unrolled in cities and towns across the country.
Darwin is building a city based on “smart technology” which is heavily influenced by China. The Darwin Council has approved and is rolling out smart technology meant to gather data and the whereabouts of every individual. Their excuse? Convenience as always! They claim it will help businesses in the area as people will be advertised to regarding things that peak their interests. Of course this is nonsense, but the council insists the technology is not to simply watch everyone. It will however… watch everyone, but they claim it won’t be a human watching people, it will be a robot. If someone does something wrong, the robot will alert the state.
Interestingly in defending themselves they claim that we don’t complain about cameras in banks watching people. The difference is pretty big. A bank is a place of business… A city street is… well… a city street.

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Council’s Innovation, Growth and Development Services general manager Josh Sattler says Darwin will be the first city in Australia to utilize this technology.
Of course it’s not entirely a new concept for Australia which has been pushing for facial recognition passports for years and has been slowly going cashless. As bubbles burst across the board in Australia and the economy falters, this simply appears to be a desperate attempt to maintain control of the populace as always under the guise of “convenience.” It will grow larger and more powerful and it comes down to individuals to not only reject this absurdity as 5G is also rolled out, but protect themselves and their purchasing power against that which leads to such desperation. A completely crumbling economy.

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