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#HACEMINUTOS 6:07pm Se escucha fuerte explosión durante transmisión en cadena oficial de radio y televisión. Antes de llevársela se ve como los uniformados rompen filas. Esperando más información #4ago

Its sputnik so dont hold your breath, but…

“A televised address by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was cut short during a speech at a military event on Saturday and soldiers were seen running before the TV transmission was cut off.

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According to local media, the assassination attempt on Maduro was made using drones filled with explosives.”

will update when there are updates…

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Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro’s speech cut off, soldiers seen running

BREAKING: PANIC in Venezuela as ‘EXPLOSION’ hits during speech by President Maduro


Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro survives alleged drone assassination attempt

  • President Nicolas Maduro claims he was the subject of an assassination plot using explosives-rigged drones
  • Socialist premier claimed those responsible were ‘far-right’ Venezuelan exiles living in Florida and Colombia
  • Pointed finger at Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos who’s criticized him for undermining democracy
  • Maduro was seen addressing a military parade on live TV before looking to the sky after hearing an explosion 
  • A terrified look crossed his face before he was bundled away by uniformed aides carrying bulletproof shields
  • Hundreds of soldiers who were assembled in neat rows suddenly scattered in all directions amid screaming 
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