MASSIVE Reset: Dollar Faces Imminent COLLAPSE! Will Gold & Silver Come Out On Top?

by Josh Sigurdson with Lior Gantz via World Alternative Media

Josh Sigurdson talks with Lior Gantz of Wealth Research Group about the imminent collapse of the dollar as big institutional investors flood into gold, silver and cryptocurrencies.

Lior has been incredibly accurate over the years when it comes to calling market ups and downs. As Lior explains, this is the end game. This is absolutely huge. We have never seen anything quite like this. In fact we’ve never seen anything even close to this in world history and we should expect many years before we see a full recovery if we ever do see one.

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Will we see a blue wave? Will the lockdowns continue? How will pensions be affected?

We will continue to cover these issues closely. Stay tuned for more from WAM!


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