‘Materially impeding our work’: Matt Gaetz files criminal referral against Zuckerberg for lying to Congress about anti-conservative bias

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Rep. Matt Gaetz filed a criminal referral against Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for making what the congressman called “materially false statements” to Congress while under oath during two joint hearings in 2018.

During the hearings in April 2018, Zuckerberg “repeatedly and categorically” denied that his company engaged in bias against conservative speech, persons, policies, or politics, Gaetz’s office said. Zuckerberg also denied his company “censored and suppressed” content supportive of President Trump and others who support him.

“Oversight is an essential part of Congress’ constitutional authority,” Gaetz said in a letter to Attorney General William Barr on Monday. “As a member of this body, I question Mr. Zuckerberg’s veracity, and challenge his willingness to cooperate with our oversight authority, diverting congressional resources during time-sensitive investigations, and materially impeding our work. Such misrepresentations are not only unfair, they are potentially illegal and fraudulent.”


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