Maxine Waters is so busted. read this letter:

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She’s talking about relocating Somali refugees in the United States all over the place asking for donations and saying she’s going to become the Speaker of the House

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5 thoughts on “Maxine Waters is so busted. read this letter:

  1. Gosh Maxie……how much of that money is going into YOUR POCKET? and how much is going into your alleged campaign for reloacting African TRASH?

    • Sadly, how much of your campaign contribution are going to your maintain a high class mansion OUTSIDE OF THE GHETTO DISTRICT YOU REPRESENT?! You’re too good to live among the downtrodden people you represent?!!! When are you going to show them out of the way since you’re merely a poverty pimping LIFETIME outdated dem?!!! All you do is reinforce “your people” being victims to your $$$ benefit!!!

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