Maybe Pelosi Really Is A Deep-Cover GOP Operative

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BACKFIRE: ‘I Will Never Vote Democrat Again,’ Say Angry Dems on C-SPAN After Pelosi’s Tantrum.

This is the most satisfying video series you’ll see all day. After Pelosi and her White Witches threw their little fits of rage last night at the SOTU, they felt very smug about themselves. Their voters, on the other hand, felt differently. It turns out that most Americans think you should stand up and clap for the good things that happen in America instead of sulk and pout on your butt like a spoiled child.

C-SPAN asked people to call in and give their opinions on the SOTU. What happened after that was brilliant. “I’m a Democrat, but I no longer will vote Democrat,” said one caller. “I think it’s outrageous that they sat there when all these good things are happening to our country and how much we love our country. And they looked like they hated our country…It’s outrageous and I will never vote Democrat again.” She went on to say that all her family voted for Hillary last time but this time they will never vote for a Democrat again.

ROGER SIMON: Pelosi Does Her Best to Reelect Trump at State of the Union.

For seemingly decades, our mainstream media friends have assured us, literally drilled into our brains, that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the master strategist of our time, a veritable political genius of extraordinary proportions.

I beg to differ.

She seems closer to a 9-year-old who’s out of control.

She demonstrated this during the State of the Union address when, sitting behind Trump during his speech, listening to accomplishment after accomplishment, she fidgeted like a third-grader with an attention deficit disorder and then, on the president’s conclusion, stood up in full view of everyone and made a show of ripping her hard copy of his speech in half.

For a split second, I wondered if she was having a nervous breakdown. It was such a bizarre display on live television, bound to turn off, even sicken, any normal person viewing it. I imagined video replays of her behavior all over Twitter from now until November. (They’ve already started, as I’m sure some of you know.)

It was as if Pelosi were a secret agent working under deep cover to reelect Donald Trump.


SAD! ‘Joe Biden Is Not Viable’: How Nancy Pelosi Scuppered ‘Obama’s Third Term.’

Right now he’s looking like the Democratic Party’s Jeb! Bush

Rather than just boring audiences to death like the one-time presumptive Republican nominee, Biden’s campaign appears to have been run off the rails by his own party. Specifically House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s flawed impeachment process.

It looked grim for Biden as far back as November, when a Harvard-Harris poll found 57 percent of people believed that “Hunter Biden receiving money from business interests in Ukraine is evidence of corruption”.

The same number in the same poll said they believed Hunter Biden’s behavior in Ukraine and China should be investigated: precisely what President Trump publicly called for.

This wasn’t the only chink in the would-be President’s armor, but it will be considered the most heinous as far as Biden stalwarts are concerned.

Caught between Ukraine and a hard place, Biden’s campaign has also been marred by creepy moments.

He’s a creepy guy.




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