McCabe was THE Real Russian Connection

Synopsis: According to a story in last month’s True Pundit, former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe had a serious and problematic connection to Russian officials and Russian organized crime figures.
Both former FBI chiefs, Robert Mueller and James Comey seemed to ignore McCabe’s connections to Russia, despite other agents catching McCabe tampering in Russian-linked cases.
In fact, McCabe was linked to the same friend-of-Putin billionaire who is involved in the recent indictment of Paul Manafort.
Despite serious and repeated pro-Russian allegations by FBI agents, Comey put McCabe in charge of the Trump/Russia investigation. Now that McCabe is gone, guess who is now in charge of the Trump/Russia probe over at the Bureau? Disgraced lovebird agent, Peter Strzok!
So you were probably wondering why Strzok was still employed at the FBI.
Although Mueller and Comey didn’t seem concerned by McCabe’s links to Russia, the CIA was.
According to True Pundit:
“By 2015 …. the CIA’s Counter Espionage Division may have opened a formal case on McCabe….