McCain & Obama Supported Neo-Nazis

While the leftist media is rabidly and hysterically attacking Trump for not condemning neo-nazis soon enough, at least he condemned them!
Unlike the Obama administration–here’s McCain with the leader of the neo-nazi group in Ukraine, Svoboda:
MSM is silent on that.
Svoboda party in the Ukraine, John McCain…
16 Dec 2013
“As the U.K.’s Channel 4 news points out, McCain was repeatedly photographed with Oleh Tyahnybok, the leader of the right wing nationalist party Svoboda.”
Is the US backing neo-Nazis in Ukraine?
John McCain and other State Department members have troubling ties to the ultra-nationalist Svoboda party
Obama’s Far Right Foreign Policy
4 March 2014
The conflicts in Ukraine, Venezuela, and Syria have one thing in common: the U.S. government is in favor of the groups who aspire to topple — or who have toppled — the government in power. Thus, U.S. politicians are giving either political, financial, or military support to these “opposition” movements.
But in all three cases there are leading groups steering the “opposition” that want absolutely nothing to do with democracy — these groups are as far right as politics gets: European-style fascism in Ukraine, Islamic extremism in Syria, and in Venezuela the elite-favored tradition of military dictatorships.
And this from 14 Jan 2016:
Congress Has Removed a Ban on Funding Neo-Nazis From Its Year-End Spending Bill
Under pressure from the Pentagon, Congress has stripped the spending bill of an amendment that prevented funds from falling into the hands of Ukrainian neo fascist groups.
Soros, Deep State is all over Charlottesville–they’re using the same tactics they implemented in Ukraine, Syria, Venezuela:
Did the Obama administration condemn the “far right”, the fascists, the neo nazis? No, but they gave them $1 Billion dollars!
4 Mar 2014, ABC News:
Why Is the US Sending $1 Billion to Ukraine?
John Kerry with head of the Ukrainian nationalist Svoboda party Oleh Tyahnybo…
The Svoboda neo-nazis dress just like Antifa and bring baseball bats to protests–in Dec 2015, Congress removed ban on funding neo-nazis:
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