McDonald’s Employee Serves Cold Fries to Customer, Gets Shot and Ends Up Brain Dead

by Chris Black

I am too lazy to think about something smart, so here it comes:

This is America in 2022: go to work at McDonalds, get shot.

Pro tip: you don’t want to get shot?

Well, don’t be giving out cold fries. Them cold fries are horrible, it was a justified shooting.

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New York Post:

The McDonald’s worker who was shot in the neck over cold french fries is brain-dead and on life support, prosecutors said Thursday, as a Brooklyn judge ordered his alleged assailant held without bail.


Michael Morgan, 20, is expected to face upgraded homicide charges for Monday’s Bedford-Stuyvesant shooting, in which he allegedly blasted victim Matthew Webb, 23, shortly after an argument about the french fries served to the suspect’s mother, prosecutors said.

Let’s play a little game: guess the ethnicity of the perp in the comments section below, without reading the whole article in the NYP.


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