Media Blackout: Federal Judge Approves $48.1 Mil. Bayou Corne “SINKHOLE” Settlement!

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by Thinker

While mainstream media is keeping the masses up on the sports scores, a court verdict that has taken seven years to happen, is in favor of those who lost their homes. While three corporations were named to be at fault, they all have been making money, while homeowners who had to leave their retirement homes forever are still waiting for compensation. How many more years will they have to wait on appeals??? A broken judicial system that supports corporate over community…dollar still winning on this case!!!

Notice, that your mainstream media didn’t mention it??? Money paying off the news not to report??? Keeping up with the Kardashion’s America’s top news along with sports. What would your life be like, if you had to leave your home and not come back for seven years???

The sinkhole and the Gulf Oil Spill all happened under the Obama/Clinton administration. A visit right after the incident and Obama never came back to the southern states as he promised. He didn’t make it better than it was as he promised either. As for the Louisiana sinkhole, Obama never even mentioned it, nor the leaking nuclear facility that stores the waste from the bombing of Japan by the U.S.. What did Obama/Clinton administration do that everyone will remember them by…the bombing of Libya’s man-made river that was going to feed Africa, and the abandonment of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and his team who were left to die when they could have be rescued.

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Who should be impeached, indicted, and locked up???

Not Donald Trump, but those who turned their backs on Americans, Veterans, & the Homeless, to invest in refugees for profits!!!

NAPOLEONVILLE — In a blistering new ruling, a state district judge criticized three companies for putting “economic interests over environmental and safety concerns” in operations that led to the formation of the 2012 Bayou Corne sinkhole, blaming longtime salt mining operator Texas Brine, Occidental Chemical and Vulcan Materials for the flawed underground mine that sparked the giant hole in the Louisiana swamp.

The sinkhole’s appearance overnight on Aug. 3, 2012, led Texas Brine to eventually agree to buy out dozens of home and camp owners in the scenic Assumption Parish fishing and retirement hamlet, as the dramatic and unprecedented failure of the salt cavern gained international attention. But Judge Thomas Kliebert Jr. of 23rd Judicial District Court found that Texas Brine wasn’t the only company that should bear responsibility. Texas Brine, Occidental Chemical (OxyChem) and Vulcan all failed to heed warnings about potential problems with the salt cavern from its conception in the mid-1970s to its eventual shutdown about a year before the sinkhole appeared and converted acres of cypress swamp into a lake nearly 180-feet deep, the judge wrote in his 20-page ruling.

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In reaching his conclusion of shared fault, Kliebert cited testimony from more than 40 witnesses in a bench trial over liability this fall and decades worth of internal warning emails, reports and memos going back to 1976, six years before the access well for the cavern was even drilled.One internal Vulcan memo in 1980 called the then-planned cavern a “multimillion dollar gamble” that could not be recommended in “good conscience.” Kliebert found that Texas Brine had the expertise in the field of solution mining, the day-to-day experience with the cavern and knowledge of long-standing concerns since the cavern was first dug.

But OxyChem and Vulcan exercised ultimate control over mining decisions and also had knowledge of the cavern’s increasingly precarious status, he wrote.

“The warning signs were present for each party; however:…2612b.html


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