Media Blackout On W.H. Smartest! Barron Trump 4D Chess Grandmaster Like President?

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by Thinker

What do Americans really know about the first family that has been under attack by fake news, and Trump haters/losers since taking office???

Barron Trump is the smartest kid ever to live in the White House, and in a higher dimension than his father…

1 year ago

Donald: Move that piece over there and watch the media go totally crazy about my statement, while I win more delegates.

Barron: Is this before or after, Mr. Bush becomes Low Energy?

Donald: He’s always been low energy.…_4d_chess/

Well, another wonderful trait out of the Trump dynasty and most Americans don’t even know about it, because mainstream reporting on news that really doesn’t mean a thing. What do Americans really know about their #1st Family???? Donald Trump one of the highest ranked and most celebrated chess players of all time, and Americans don’t know about it??? How many who thought themselves above the “Trump Dynasty” that are now realizing they are so far below, another article of the U.S. presidents family and the “BEST” of Americas presidential shows!!!

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Another Masterpeace from The WarDrummer I had no idea that Barron Trump attained chess grand master at age 11. Wow! That is impressive. People on the Left don’t realize that Trump can’t be stopped. He is actively doing something… behind the scenes, or 5D chess levels above our heads, who knows. But he knows exactly what he is doing. Only time will tell a tale

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SerialBrain2 Decodes – Is President Trump really, BRILLIANT? What exactly is 4D chess? The game BRILLIANT people play!. – Read by the War Drummer…



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