Media Hates Trump Supporters… More Violence from The Left…

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The pseudo-media really hates President Trump supporters, calling them dumb, stupid, and dregs of society to hateful, anarchist, and racist, among many other insults in this satire video.

MUST WATCH: More violence from the Left… Republican with megaphone gets assaulted.

47% of Americans ‘feel like a stranger in their own country,’ cultural alienation survey finds

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The sense that the nation’s culture and way of life have dramatically changed is reflected in a PRRI “American Values” survey that gauged both political opinions and “cultural alienation.”

It found that 47 percent of Americans now say that things have changed so much, they “feel like a stranger in their own country.” A slim majority (51 percent) disagree.

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Nearly six in 10 Republicans say that things have changed so much they feel alienated; 42 percent of Democrats agree.


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