Media LIES About Trump Jr. Being Heckled And Booed By His Own Supporters

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Media LIES About Trump Jr. Being Heckled And Booed By His Own Supporters. At an event to promote his new book, Triggered, Donald Trump Jr was heckled and booed by far right people in attendance. Media outlets reported this as his own supporters booing him but in reality its part of a larger conflict between elements of the far right and mainstream conservatives.

While the story itself is unremarkable what is upsetting is how the media frames the story. Instead of commending Trump Jr for refusing to allow a platform to bad people they mock him and make it seem like his supporters are turning on him.

This dishonesty will have major consequences for Democrats and the left as they overwhelmingly trust these media outlets. If they start believing all of this fake news and media lies about Trump and the right they will not be prepared to deal with the political battles ahead.

In the end it breeds a fringe far left whose world view is built upon insane nonsense and ragebait meant to drive traffic instead of inform. Its a great example of what creates new trump supporters not the opposite.

Conservatives on the other hand don’t trust media so are less likely to be impacted by the constant barrage of fake news.

We learned from Project Veritas that ABC was covering up big stories of major national interest and now we can see the media playing games to generate traffic. Where do we go from here?

I honestly don’t know



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