Media offers new weapon to protect Biden: Suggesting his mental health is failing means you’re part of a Russian conspiracy

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They do have a knack at getting the general public to use that term “Conspiracy theory”

So, now with the media calling anyone a conspiracy theorist who might suggest that Biden is not well…

And Pelosi calling for no debates…

What else should we expect from the Demonrats by this November???

The US Department of Homeland Security reportedly blocked the distribution of a July intelligence bulletin warning of a Russian plot to promote “misinformation” that the Democratic presidential candidate is in poor mental health.
The report by ABC News on Wednesday cited internal emails, and the media outlet said a DHS spokesperson confirmed that distribution of the bulletin to federal, state and local law enforcement agencies had been delayed. The spokesperson said the bulletin didn’t meet quality standards, including having sufficient evidence and context, for dissemination, ABC said.




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