Media Urges Trump To ‘Think Of Children’ Before Ending DACA—Ignores 2 Million Homeless American Kids

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by NEE
America spends billions caring for illegal aliens through DACA and other programs, 2 million American citizen children are homeless every year
2 Million American Children Experience Homelessness Every Year—Let’s Put Them Before Illegal Aliens
There is immense push-back from the American left against President Trump’s decision to end DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), the Obama-era program that granted de facto amnesty to some 800,000 illegal aliens.
DACA was signed back in June 2012.  It allowed all illegals who arrived in America before they were aged 16 to apply for legal work permits, Social Security numbers, driver’s licenses, and made them eligible for earned income tax credits. Enrollment must be renewed every two years.
Basically, DACA grants participants the rights and privileges normally associated with legal entry into America: it is renewable amnesty.
The political resistance is predictable, but the liberal talking points make little sense: their argument is, quite literally, “think of the children”—a logical fallacy more properly known as an appeal to emotion.
Take this piece written by an illegal alien (under a pseudonym) and published in the New Yorker, for example:

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Then I knew it was Sessions who was going to speak, I knew something was up. He has a history of being very tough on immigrants. And, to be honest, I was angry. I was angry at Trump for not showing his face, for being such a coward as to have someone else fight his battles. I knew this was going to happen. I’m very politically aware. I knew that Trump needed a win. He hasn’t done anything during his Presidency, and he wanted to show that he could do something. He chose the safe way out.

It’s an emotional expose, not journalism—granted the New Yorker shouldn’t necessarily be held to the same standard as a conventional news outlet, but we can’t ignore the fact that they’re making a political statement here, and that said statement is couched in emotional language.
This is par for the course: there has been very little rational discussion on DACA coming out of the left.  Why?  It’s not a battle they can win.
Right now some 500,000 American citizens are chronically homeless—of these, 49,933 are US military veterans.  These are people who fought and bled for our country, and yet we’re letting them waste away on the streets while we provide welfare to illegal aliens.
This is supremely immoral by any commonly-held definition of morality.
If that weren’t bad enough, let’s “think of the children” for a moment—America’s children.  According to the Covenant House, a nonprofit group, some 2 million American children experience a spell of homelessness every single year.  These are American citizens, born and raised.
What kind of a society cares for foreigners before its own? One that doesn’t intend to last.
President Trump’s right to end DACA: those who disagree need to get some perspective.

25 thoughts on “Media Urges Trump To ‘Think Of Children’ Before Ending DACA—Ignores 2 Million Homeless American Kids

  1. It is a policy that discriminates against American citizens. I can understand why people are pissed off given that many go to college and don’t pay a cent whereas citizens have to fork out tens of thousands of dollars.

  2. Here we go again with the ‘For the children’ (violin music in the background) crap again.

  3. By the way …. do you like your car insurance rates? Because these “sanctuary” pushers are also pushing UP your car and homeowners insurance. Someone has to pay for their uninsured driving and home breakins ……… YOU. All their trips to YOUR emergency rooms … YOU pay in higher insurance premiums & medical costs. Start handing the BILLS to the “sanctuary prigs”.
    Have you noticed the Sociopathic lack of human empathy, sympathy, or concern for the victims of these invaders. Not only are there no MSM “human interest” stories about the Invader’s Victim’s traumas, their stories are actually DENIED by MSM, Politicians, and the very Priests that are supposed to comfort and care for “Their Flocks”. Scumbag “priests” betraying their own People, there will be a special place in Hell for them. What sort of aberrations and mutant “Shepherds” WANT to pour vipers and wolves into the midst of their flocks?
    These monsters “GET OFF” on little girls and boys being gang raped and murdered.
    (1) Charity and “good works” are done with YOUR money and time. Taking MY money and giving it to someone else is THEFT. We bring puppies into our house, poisonous vipers and skunks are banned. Do not make the REFUJIHADIS walk all the way here ,,,, You go to the REFUJIHADIS’ homeland on Your dime after all, they will feel more comfortable at home.
    (2) Remember, Democrats are the people who didn’t care when 70,000 factories closed across America, but then rioted in the streets when we denied entry to foreigners from a few terrorist-laden countries.
    (3) You are all concerned about them but you do not give a FIG about how your own neighbors feel. Who made you god, to just invite anybody & everybody into Our house, without asking the OTHER RESIDENTS if it is okay? Go see a psychiatrist.
    (4) They can get a card as an illegal to ensure they get welfare but it’s racist for people to have to get an ID to vote legally.

  4. Pelosi HATES American kids…..she’d rather have the beanies any day!!! Our homeless VETS deserve to be placed ahead of the DACA CACA bunch!!! But they don’t have a bunch of rug rats to grow up to be voters!!!

  5. It’s just PC garbage and everyone on the left is brainwashed to embrace it even if it is ILLEGAL….they don’t care seeing as how all their wonderful celeb and cop killer singers say this is horrid to treat the little kiddies making them go back to horrid Mexico to live and actually GET A JOB and stop living off welfare. OMG that would be truly horrible to have to do this….or to pay your own way through college instead of bragging how you get to attend for free……

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