Media will not cover this, but look at the HongKong protests currently.

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HONG KONG: Police fire tear gas and make 180 arrests as Hongkongers rally against national security law.



China is currently transgressing the terms of its 1997 treaty over Hong Kong, which promised a “one country, two systems” settlement that preserved Hong Kong’s somewhat autonomous democratic institutions. These institutions guarantee rights to Hong Kongers and guard its common-law inheritance.

China’s legislature in Beijing is preparing a new national-security law aimed at Hong Kong to prohibit and punish terrorism, foreign influence, and secession. By that, they mean demonstration, free speech, and a functioning democratic system with rights guaranteed to citizens. Meanwhile, Beijing’s loyalists installed in Hong Kong’s legislative council have been making open attempts at a putsch against the pro-democracy majority.

Commies gonna commie. The only way to stop them is by killing them, or beating them into submission. And in the latter case, they still don’t give up for long.

Chinese security forces could be deployed in Hong Kong under new law

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