Media: Yes, Violence Is the Answer (Supercut).

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The DNC-MSM long ago dropped the mask, after once pretending to get the vapors over Sarah Palin’s clip art.

And they starting to swing into action once again: Rittenhouse-Lying Media Deliberately Incite Riots in Democrat-run Cities.

(Classical reference in headline.)

BUT YOU CAN’T ARREST THEM! THEY’RE LEFTISTS:  Pro-Conviction Protesters Arrested for Attacking Kyle Rittenhouse Supporters.

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I repeat. The left doesn’t know what they’re messing with in this gambit. Or whom they’re messing with.
Hey, idiots, in case you are under some delusion or high on something, like you usually are, let me give you a hint: You’re messing with Americans.  We have a very long fuse, but when we finally blow up, it’s massive.  You’re getting very close to the end of the fuse! Be told.

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h/t Ed Driscoll 


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