Median Family Net Worth Below 1989 Level: Debt-To-Money Worst Since '62

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Authored by Mike Shedlock via,
As the stock market soars to new highs, here’s some sobering statistics to consider.
The stock market is at an all-time high but Americans Owe More, Save Less, and are Poorer Than in Decades.

Negative Wealth Percentage On the Rise

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Net Worth Going Nowhere

Sobering Stats

  1. A greater share of Americans have more debt than money in the bank than at any point since 1962,according to Deutsche Bank economist Torsten Slok.
  2. 30.4% of US families have negative net worth despite the recovery in housing and the stock market.
  3. Median net worth is below where it was in 1989.
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But perhaps the most shocking stat of all is that, on an inflation adjusted basis, net worth may be the worst in history.
$78,000 is not worth what it was in 1989, to say the least.


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