Medical experts in NY are calling for a SHUTDOWN of non essential work for 2 weeks because of omnicron infections!

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Medical experts say that with the omicron variant spreading rapidly and New Year’s gatherings expected to lead to a further spike in infections, the next few weeks will be an especially dangerous time to engage in public indoor activities.

“I know everybody’s frustrated and exhausted, but I would say it’s worth a pause for two weeks, meaning you should probably delay nonessential activities for two weeks,” said Dr. Adhi Sharma, president of Mount Sinai South Nassau hospital in Oceanside.

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That means indoor dining and going to movie theaters, concerts, sporting events, gyms and other indoor venues where the risk of contracting the coronavirus is higher, he said. The chance of contracting the virus is especially high this winter because omicron is so infectious, Sharma said.

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“We’re not looking for a long-term hold,” he said. “I do think this will go through quickly.”


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