Medicare Scam Alert !

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by tiger1


I got a call a little over an hour ago, from a man who said he was from Medicare and my Medicare card was a temporary one, and I had to get a new one. Of course I didn’t give the caller any info. The scary thing was, the caller had my full name and address, and rattled that off to me ! The caller said that if I do not confirm my birth date, etc, to get my new medicare card, that I will not be able to use my Medicare card unless I do confirm the information he was rattling off.I refused, and he said I had to either call the Medicare number which he gave me, or go to the local office because I had to get a permanent card. This made it sound legit, but I didn’t comply anyway, and hung up the phone.
I reported this bogus call to Medicare immediately, calling from the number on the back of my medicare card, which, BTW, IS the same number the scammer gave me, to sound legit. This is a new scam, confirmed by Medicare.I am sure that some older people might get scared and comply with the callers request. DO NOT CONFIRM ANYTHING! Hang up and call the Medicare phone number on the back of your card to report the call.I also called the FTC and checked to make sure my phone number is still on the do not call list.

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FYI: Medicare NEVER cold calls someone, NEVER ! They will send you a letter about an issue, but will NEVER cold call you !


Please pass this scam info on to others on Medicare ! A lot of older people are too trusting, and the fact this guy said that I would lose my coverage if I didn’t get a new card would scare the crap out of some of the elderly, and they would comply out of fear of losing their medical coverage.




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