Meghan Markle’s CRAZY Tax Problem! – US Goes Redcoat On The Brits

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Josh Sigurdson talks with Yaakov Markel about the recent news surrounding Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex and the Royal Family as the IRS cracks down on the new Duchess for living in Britain.
All of the Royal Family’s riches are now at risk of being exposed by the IRS in the United States as Meghan Markle looks to renounce her US citizenship. Complete bureaucracy reigns again.
In the end, Markle is looking at losing her entire 5 million dollar fortune as the IRS seizes her wealth and the money she’s subsidized with by the British people as part of the Royal Family. The Brits are calling this the Royal Family’s worst nightmare.
Weirdly, it’s a circular spectrum of theft. The British have their money stolen and redistributed to the Royal Family and then that money is redistributed to the US government. Irony is strong in this one.
Moreover, this is an example of what regular people have to deal with on a regular basis when trying to leave the United States. The US in the only country in the world that forces residents to pay taxes no matter where in the world they currently reside.
Yaakov talks about the absurdity of this story and how it relates to the absolute indoctrination of statism and government ownership of the populace as well as the current border issue.

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