Melania Trump Is Ready to Fight Her Haters

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by Amna El Tawil
Donald Trump’s youngest son, Barron, isn’t the only member of his family who’s at the receiving end of cruel abuse, especially on social media. His wife, Melania Trump, is constantly being mocked by Trump haters who fail to realize that just because they disagree with him, it doesn’t mean they simply have to insult his wife. This is particularly important because let’s be honest, Melania never said or did something that would harm those people who abuse her.
Besides online trolls, there are also celebrities (who suddenly find politics interesting) who openly attack the First Lady. For example, Chelsea Handler, a so-called comedian, participated in Women’s March because she appreciates ladies, while at the same time taking the liberty to mock another woman. Do you see any logic in this? Handler said she doesn’t respect Melania because she can barely speak English, thus humiliating her both as a woman and because she’s an immigrant (just like Handler’s ancestors were in the first place). Little does Ms. Chelsea know that First Lady of United States speaks not only English, but Slovene, Italian, German, and French eloquently.

While tame in silent in nature, Mrs. Trump doesn’t plan to stand still and let insults come one after another. She’s planning to fight back.
Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen told Page Six: “Shame on Chelsea Handler for attacking our first lady in such a despicable manner. Don’t be fooled by her accent. Melania is bright and articulate. To be clear, our first lady speaks multiple languages, I believe five. How many languages do you speak, Chelsea?”
Melania Trump is close to finalizing her very own team to manage constant social media attacks. Her chief strategist is former Vogue staffer and Met Ball organizer Stephanie Winston Wolkoff — who also masterminded Trump’s inauguration events with Tom Barrack.

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13 thoughts on “Melania Trump Is Ready to Fight Her Haters

  1. Syphilis in later stages presents just like Chelsea Handler. Remember, given her own self reports in her books, she was used as a condom by so many men, she couldn’t give an accurate count.
    Any women that doesn’t value herself, shouldn’t be expected to value other women. She’s going through menopause, so lucky for men, no man is currently home to torture, she strikes out in public.
    I still am amazed how even the independent news is used as an echo chamber for old ugly trivial perimenopausal/menopausal and even young women saying or doing horrible things?
    From Piggie McDonnell, who’s face should be banned do to adverse effects just looking at her, to Chelsea Handler, who slept with some producer that gave her a show for a while, wtf? Is the independent media trying to PROVE women should be silenced or at least ignored, cause that’s the theme I’m getting by these dozens of reports of women behaving badly, way out of bounds for normal social discourse.

    • “She’s going through menopause, so lucky for men, no man is currently home to torture”
      Gee, Jeffrey, I could have gone all day without being reminded how awful it is to live through that. It almost killed me 18 years ago.

  2. Melania is being the “First Lady”. She acts appropriately . She is class. It escaped these women, and they will never know. Bad kids acting out. And jealous. Part of the circus that was in the WH last time. Thank You , Melania. For being classy. And HONORING us.

  3. Melania is hands-down the finest First Lady in my lifetime by every measure. We can all be proud to be honored with her presence in the White House.

  4. I’m luvin’ it! The Lefturds just keep puting holes in their leaky boat. Every time they open their dumb-ass cakeholes, they end up looking like fools.
    Instead of bashing the Trump Family, why don’t they take a long, hard look at why they lost the Election. Do they think they are so privileged that they automatically get to take over the White House?
    Once again, here is a reminder:
    I thought I could put this baby into the Archives and forget about it, but I’m still getting mileage because of these idiots.
    Thanks, dorks!!!

    • Hopefully the left will remain stupid as to why they lost. If they never realize why they lost, they’ll never win again. They shoot themselves in the foot, then they do it over and over again. It’s quite amusing to watch.

      • President Trump has pretty well ended the Demonicrats having any power for a long time. Every time one of these idiots pull off a stunt, they are putting a nail in their own coffin. Even reasonable Liberals are becoming embarrassed about the mentally-ill critters that are all the rage and in a rage and and are experiencing emotional breakdowns.
        What is hilarious is that Women’s March allowed a Muslim woman to take over the stage and talk about Shariah Law, the most repressive g-damn thing that any woman could meet. So, ya like having your clit hacked off and your Vagina sewed up so tight, that all you can do is pee from it (Sorry, that’s a bit graphic, but that is what Shariah Law and the culture of Islam allows). In the West this is considered a major Crime, Mofas!!!
        F**k your So-called “Tolerance”, which doesn’t exist! F**k your stupid Pussy hats, which has been stated will become the Economic savior of Women, gadzooks.
        I could go on and on. The Demonicrats are now just a joke, loaded with Pedophiles, scumbags, Communists, idiots, emotionally disturbed, unreasonable f**king Twits. Even Monty Python couldn’t come close to a skit this weird.
        WTF are these People ingesting that makes them this insane?

        • People today need to teach their children the true history of what is occurring now and they, in turn, must teach their children, so that we can insure this doesn’t happen again. Because the left will inject itself, with all it’s corruption, at some point in the future. Future generations need to be vigilant.
          FGM – yes, that was very graphic. Being a woman, it made me cringe, although I’m well-aware of this horrifying mutilation of women. I’ve read the stories of some women who have undergone FGM and I have no words to describe what an abomination it is. That these “women” who marched can even affiliate themselves with sharia law is appalling.
          The left is the party of hypocrisy – hate, intolerance, violence and pedophilia. The bully party, much like the nazi regime, they seek to suppress any and all opposing views, through violence if necessary. Fortunately, we can look at them as a joke because they are their own worst enemy and continue to be the cause of their own failures.
          Their insanity has many roots – vaccinations, poisonous food and medication, EDCs, poor government education, lack of respectable parents/role models and a media that colludes with the government to promote lies and violence. The young people in these marches/protests have been created by a corrupt government, Big Pharma, the medical profession and Big Food. Together they’ve achieved their goal of establishing a generation of unstable, easily upset, prone to hysteria and easily manipulated individuals. From before birth and throughout their whole lives they’ve been assaulted with all these things. No wonder they can’t get a grip on reality. Have a nice day. 🙂

  5. These classless, graceless, ignorant hivists need a lesson. Sell them into slavery in N. Korea or a wood chipper. I’m sick of them.

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