Melbourne is under a police state. Out of control cops arrested a reporter for nothing. Mainstream media ignores it and won’t report what is happening there.

Australia is out of control.

Three More Arrested in Australia for Making Anti-Lockdown Posts Online: How much will they be allowed to get away with? Insanity.

Earlier this week we reported that a pregnant woman from Melbourne, Australia, was arrested in her home for creating a social media page for an anti-lockdown protest. According to a new report from ABC news, three other Australians have also been arrested for making anti-lockdown posts online.

On Friday morning, a man named James Bartolo was also arrested in his home, and his arrest was recorded as well.

In the video, which was live-streamed through his Facebook page, Bartolo can be seen arguing with police who were gathered outside of his door, insisting that they did not have permission to enter his property.

“You don’t have authorization to be on the property,” he said.

Eventually, police busted through the door and made the arrest anyway. Since he did not go with the police willingly they stacked up additional charges against him, including resisting arrest and possession of prohibited weapons that were found in his home.


Australia is so screwed right now I struggle to fathom it and even find the right words.

Years ago, I met an Australian who was “woke” and intelligent…he talked about Operation Gladio and false flags bringing about the New World Order.

I took the opportunity to ask him his thoughts on the Port Arthur false flag event that led to the disarmament of the Australian people.

He immediately shut down. His tone changed dramatically and he got angry. He started telling me how he had “researched” the event and that it was “disrespectful” to claim it was a false flag and that the “mentally ill maniac” was responsible.

The experience was really illuminating for me. It explains how tyranny is possible even in the Information Age. Here we had someone who was legitimately awake to the fuckery taking place, and yet he had profound blinders when it came to how it was literally already at his front door.

I warned him and many other Aussies that their country would be among the first on the chopping block for the NWO. I warned them to GET OUT now.

I highly doubt any of them listened.

They are going to continue this lockdown indefinitely, which was always the plan.



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