Merkel government nearly collapsed today

it is about the boss of the german agency –
the socialists want to get rid of him –
merkhell as well but seehofer is his boss and gives a shit about them, very funny

yesterday they all nearly killed each other in parliament –
further escalation guaranteed


Merkels key colleague Kauder voted out of CDU/CSU Fraktion

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that is a major blow for her and embarrassment by her own party

they slowly wake up to the fact that they have now only 26% in polls and right wing 18% coming second

her days are numbered

Huge blow for zombie merkel as all agree here

Party leaders demand confidence vote from merkHell now

Game over is close

No 2 is out, so she is next

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She was extremely pissed and surprised

She had lobbied hard to keep him

She won’t dream well

All opposition demands her to step down

All news agree: MERKEL = LAME DUCK

Her power gone

she lost her face

the majority of her party members are now against her

she looks bad today,view=conversionToLogin.bild.html

a revolution is going on and it may end as with saddam hussein


h/t miler