The investigation into the events at the Capitol on Jan 6 is a hot topic, as those who want to neutralize former President Donald Trump are hoping to blame him for any and all they can.

It has come to light that the DOJ and the House investigating committee have not been working together.

In fact, it seems they are at odds. In May The Hill reported that the DOJ had asked the House committee to share its materials, sending a letter noting that some of the work, “may contain information relevant to a criminal investigation we are conducting.”

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The committee replied it won’t directly turn over what it’s got, suggesting it would only provide a more narrow level of assistance, reported The Hill.

Jeff Robbings, an attorney now in private practice who has served as both a federal prosecutor and a Senate investigative counsel, told The Hill that while both branches are seeking accountability over events surrounding Jan 6, each entity has different goals in mind.


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