MESSAGE TO CLIMATE MARTYRS: you’re well on the way to being dead in the water

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by John Ward

Why is water not sexy enough for the extinction rebels?



“We are on the brink of ecological collapse, and the only solution is therenunciation of one’s own reproduction.”

Thus spake German Feminist author Verena Brunschweiger two days ago. Bidding to outdo the drivel poured upon us by Glarer Thunberg and Caroline Lucas, Verena “demanded” that German women should cease having offspring.

In order to have a static population (based on the current German population model) the Hausfraus could if they wished have 2.1 kids each. The current birthrate is 1.4. I wonder: does Fraulein Brunschweiger know this, and has she ever heard of the demographic disaster that befell China after they had a similar idea in the 1960s?

“Das geht mir nichts,” as the average b²ored German is wont to observe. The glaring reality yet again here is that she’s another self-appointed ‘expert’ who knows not that of which she speaks. The two fastest growing populations in the world are those of Islamics in the Middle East, and sub-Saharan Africa…..although Jihadist Muslims seem content on wiping the latter out, starting in Mali and working south. If the fair Verena wishes to pitch up in Iran and make her appeal for restraint, then she shouldn’t go to the bother of buying a return ticket.

Brunschweiger last year claimed this to a Zeit journalist: “Every unborn child spares the earth’s atmosphere 50 tons of CO₂ per year.” Every paediatrician and CO² scientist on that same Earth has since pointed out that the number is an utter nonsense….while a growing proportion of climate realists believe (as do I) that carbon dioxide has been ‘framed’ by the Warmists from Day 1.

Just like Lucas and her degree in English literature, Verena studied languages and philosophy at Unversity. Which, obviously, is the perfect basis for going about talking out the rear buttock orifice on the subject of megaclimates.

What particularly struck me about this lady, however, was the bizarre choice of a “greenhouse gas” (a phrase I no longer accept) as her rationale for population control. You see, there is very little doubt that we do need to control the species rate of reproduction, but it has nothing whatsoever to do with food, overcrowding or atmospheric balance.

The real problem we face is a finite supply of drinking water.

One never hears the green tendency or the rather too extant rebels talking about this; but apart from US ownership of nuclear and other weapons, it is by far the biggest problem all species on Earth face.

Some fifty or more years ago, my O-level Geography course insisted that desalination would  solve the problem; few if any scientists back then understood the importance of not taking out a whole lump of the food chain called marine life. Nobody talks about desalination any more: in fact, nobody talks about the water problem any more, which is worrying. They talk about fracking a good deal – something which, if allowed to go ahead in the UK, might well damage our water reserves irreversibly.

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Already, 785 million people – 1 in 9 on the planet – lack access to safe water, and 2 billion people – 1 in 3 – lack access to a toilet. So, further to yesterday’s post about the spread of rapid-mutation viral infections, this is not a good starting point.

But these are the most telling facts of all – and they are facts, not models, alarmist estimates or finger in the air makey-uppy:

  • Homo sapiens has been around as the sole “human” species for a mere 300,000 years. For 299,935 of said years, we lumbered up towards a population of 2,773,019,915 – ie, around 2.8 billion. In the 65 years since then, we’ve gone to 7.8 billion. We trebled our numbers in one lifetime.
  • The Earth’s climate has been through several eras over those 300,000 years, but the amount of water available to drink, flush, wash or cook has remained more or less static… in, not very much.
  • Of the waters occupying 70% of the earth’s surface, only 3% is considered fresh water. About 5/6tth of this freshwater is inaccessible for humans  – either locked up in polar ice caps and glaciers, stored in the atmosphere or soil, highly polluted or are too far underneath the earth’s surface to be extracted. So, a tiny  0.4% of the earth’s water which is usable and drinkable by the 7.8 billion of its human inhabitants.

Wiseasses across the globe are quick to point out that – as wealth is more equably spread over this our only viable living space – people will have fewer children. On the whole they’re right, but there’s a big bit of the maths they’ve ignored: as families get smaller with access to better housing facilities, their water consumption goes up some six times.

Also self-contained as an assumption among fluffy neoliberal optimists is the deranged belief that government will always invest in infrastructural improvements to deliver more efficient and conservatory usage of water.

In the middle east, the obsession with limited drinking water fulfils the prediction. In sub-Saharan Africa, it doesn’t. In India – now that Modi sahib and his CIA mates are in control – such pathetically insufficient investment as was apparent has been dumped in favour of an emerging super-rich class of selfie-taking crypto Bollywood plonkers. Use a lavatory in India, and you could grow old before the flush finishes; that is a ridiculous waste of the most mortally irreplaceable element we have….and Modi’s “answer” is to import giga-billions of gallons of water in highly pollutant plastic bottles.

On the whole, I find the views of those who think we should, on that basis, stop foreign aid rather myopic. What we need to stop is giving aid to the usual corrupt 3% in the politico-governmental class: it should be funnelled into trustworthy aid agencies (of a manageable size and accountability) to ensure that such water as we have isn’t – literally – poured down the drain.

Not that we in the West should too easily absolve ourselves. Our hot water supply systems – even when allegedly ‘instantaneous’ – involve turning perfectly potable safe water into something that merely goes into sewerage systems and then back to earth.

Think about this: we ‘recycle’ paper, plastic, glass and other hybrids into yet more of the same, but don’t recycle any water at all. 

This tells you an awful lot about the empirically blind nature of the Greenpeace-Libleft-Antifa-Extinction rebellion axis of bollocks. They don’t care about the facts, because their real agenda is the creation of a Big State Collectivist Control future in which everyone has to bow down before shibboleths….as opposed to tackling the far knottier problem of how to maximise human potential without threatening all life on Earth.

My sole suggestion in summing up the intention of this post is as follows: Verena Brunschweiger should urinate in her garden and reserve toilet usage for solid waste products only. Urine is a disinfectant that adds fecundity to the soil, whereas faeces spread diseases. And in whatever time she has left over from such rational activities, she might care to give some thought to the frequently irrational behaviour of the species of which she makes so many idiotic “demands”.


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