Message to the Libleft: losing heavily isn’t winning-Lite

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by John Ward 

This man is not a Centrist, he is a neoliberal corporate global monopolist

The hugely predictable win for the Rothschild Bank Davos candidate Emmanuel Macron is today being celebrated by Twitter’s liberal wing as a great victory….because it was a defeat for the ‘Far Right/Racist/Nazi/Nationalist Witch’ (insert favourite smear as appropriate). The Left candidate didn’t get beyond single figures with the electorate, but nihil desperandum because:

LePen lost badly. For the Left these days, that’s everything. You see, on every other front, they have nothing.

Mrs Le Pen is a long-time opponent of EUNATO blocism who has a father with a Nazi past and believes that, in an atheist State (which France is) religious dress and icons should not be flaunted. I don’t agree with her, but I do share her doubts about Islamism’s long term hegemonic goals in Europe.

However, one ought to effectively see this as a crushing defeat for her, but rather the third humiliation in a row for the First World Left. Sadly, we have to accept that they have joined all the other “deserters” who used to be there to protect the ordinary citizen – the mass media, cops, backbench MPs, church leaders and medical staff – but are now bowling for The Other Side. Ergo sum, it’s nothing less than they deserve.

The first reverse came in the UK when – after five years of utterly incompetent playing to the market galleries with pointless austerity and whopping fiscal lies – the Cameron-Osborne Old Etonian rust-bucket shot itself listlessly in the foot by losing the Brexit referendum. Clinging too long to the Miliband Balls Brigade and its adherence to metropolitan unreality, Labour then performed it’s Thirty Year Itch trick (again) and elected Jeremy Middle Class Cloth Cap still-in-the-1920s Corbyn as leader. He missed another open goal against Theresa May, thus leaving the Tories with nobody to choose but Boris Johnson when she messed up. BoJo didn’t so much crush Labour over Brexit as humiliate their idiotic in-out-shake-it-all-about “position” on the issue….odd when you consider that Johnson was a very late (and in my view, cynical) convert to the pro-Brexit camp.

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Now Labour has reverted to Steer Kalmer as a faceless bourgeois, but boy are they so triumphant because Nigel “Racist” Farage did not move into coalition with the Conservatives – winding up instead mariginalised as this site always said he would be. Labour is out of touch with its heartland on the EUNATO axis, but that’s absolutely tickerty-boo because ding-dong, Farage is dead….reduced to supporting his “fellow Nazi” LePen AND LOSING! Hahahahahahahahaaaaa.

If you want the full strength on this, go visit the hashtag #Farage on Twitter today: it’s pretty hate-filled, desperate stuff.

So here’s my point: once more with feeling, “It’s OK if we disappear out of sight from national political appeal, because those we demonised lost too! Hurrah!”

But in between these almighty drubbings for the Left, we hop across the Pond to the USA where, in 2016, Trump the “joke” buried Hillary Clinton. Four years later, only the overwhelmingly Democrat media lies about Trump’s Russian connection, blanking the Biden family’s Ukrainian corruption, and a judiciary ignoring the massive dossier detailing electoral fraud allowed the “election” of a Democrat President who gives off all the signals of being a transhuman hollowman, sometimes also spelt hologram.

However, the US Leftlibs are ecstatic because Trump is gone, the insurrection against democracy was defeated, Trump is gone, Putin has shown his true colours, Trump is gone, we have a Person of Colour Vice President, Trump is gone, the Unelected State is busy emptying the US Treasury – and Trump is gone.

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Now let’s drill down a little more into the Libleft triumph and see not who is gone, but rather who is in power.

  1. Puppet N° 1 Boris Jobsdone – controlled by Sir Mark Sedwill, head of EUNATO biowarfare
  2. Puppet N° 2 Sleepy Joe Biden – controlled by CIA/Pentagon hegemonists out to remove every anti-Dollar element from the Earth by bankrolling graphene biolabs in Ukraine,
  3. Puppet N° 3 Manny ‘Black Cock’ Macron – controlled by Rothschild Bank, itself the employer of Sir Mark Sedwill, head of EUNATO biowarfare.

I’m unimpressed, Labour Party, Democrats and Parti Socialiste.

Indeed, I’m more than unimpressed, I’m depressed. You see, there was a point some years ago when I thought you’d simply lost your mojo….but you’d find it again.

Now I know what you have really lost: the plot. Absolutely and entirely. Elections, mojos, heartlands, hearts, and now souls.

And perhaps there’s a bigger reason still for this: perhaps you’ve lost all connection with tolerant, free-speech democracy.

Take yesterday’s Macron “victory” and think of it in terms of maths even you lot can understand.

The Turnout for Round Two of the Presidentielle was 26%. Little Manny won with 58% of the vote – or 15% of the total voting franchise.

Six voters out of seven didn’t particularly want Macron as President. And only just over one in ten voters especially did want LePen in that role.

Trust me as a psephologist: this election wasn’t rigged. It died through lack of real choice.

Politics today presents unconvincing strategies developed by ideologues wildly out of touch with sensible electors. It’s why real, informed democracy is withering.

And no tendency is more guilty in that process than the Left. For although it hasn’t been a driver of change, it has preferred vengeance against free speech to attacks upon those who would curtail it.




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