META/Facebook Claims to Have Had a Great Quarter

by Chris Black

Unlike Google and Netflix, the Zucc seems to know what he’s doing lately.

Solid user growth basically means they turned all the banned accounts back on. I don’t know many young ones that still use the boomer platform.

Nowadays, META/Facebooks is mostly Chinese bot farms, the UK  public TV did a documentary about it recently.

They had 24 hour shifts for workers who could create Facebook profiles with pictures and dialogue etc.

One worker said they could create 6 profiles per hour, and it looked to be about twenty workers in her office.

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She also said that there were many similar companies doing the same thing.

These profiles were put on mobile phones and then attached to what looked like a server rack with 1000s of phones attached. From there they could be controlled by one PC.

People could then pay to have “followers” and “likes” etc.

That might account for some of the gorillion users Facebook claims

This and the fact that most people who use Facebook have a least two accounts due to banning etc.

Someone I know has seven for when he gets put in Facebook jail. Basically, their claims of a growing user base is fake news, like everything market-related nowadays.


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