Michael Caputo Expands: Spy Attempted To Give Him Hillary Clinton Email

Explosive.  Former Trump campaign aide Michael Caputo appeared on Fox News moments ago with stunning statements.  According to Caputo a contractor with a government agency was attempting to pass to him, through an intermediary, Hillary Clinton emails; and the intermediary reached out to Caputo to inform him therein.

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In hindsight, Caputo now suggests the “contractor of the government agency” was attempting to set him up -and by extension the Trump campaign- in a sting operation similar to the recently revealed “Crossfire Hurricane” operation conducted by CIA operative Stefan Halper through Carter Page and George Papadopoulos.  WATCH:


This could have massive ramifications.  Apparently the intermediary is willing to go on record explaining the contact from the government agency and the contractor therein.  Additionally, according to Caputo, he has already informed the Mueller investigation of these contacts and apparently the Special Counsel is attempting to hide the evidence.

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