MICHAEL WALSH: France Stands at Crossroads, as Members of Military Demand Action.

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via theepochtimes:

Macon’s likely opponent in the April 2022 elections, Marine le Pen, hailed the letter and called upon the signers to “join us in taking part in the coming battle, which is the battle of France.” To bolster her appeal, Le Pen has been shedding some of her far-right associations and expanding her base of support to include women and gays, along with Euroskeptics and anti-immigrationists who are her natural allies.

For his part, Macron has been more vocal in defending French customs and traditions against Islamic incursion lately, but he’s badly underwater in the polls with a 38 percent approval rating, thanks to his repressive treatment of the working-class protesters called the Gilets Jaunes (yellow vests), who have been demonstrating and striking against his economic and, latterly, COVID-19 policies for nearly three years.

Whoever ultimately wins, it’s clear France—which together with Germany forms the heart of the European Union—is at a crossroads. During the Revolution, the French pillaged churches and murdered the Catholic clergy, creating a secular state. But large-scale Muslim immigration (from Algeria, among other places in the Islamic ummah) is testing that policy, known as “laïcité,” as Islam rushes into the spiritual vacuum that has followed the death of Christianity, not just in France but across Europe.

The generals, therefore, are in reality defending “laïcité,” although the international Left naturally depicts their stance as “racism,” further muddying the waters and bringing one of the oldest nations in Europe ever closer to either a coup or a civil war.

We Americans may think the Europeans have become too effete and demoralized to stand up for themselves any longer (we should talk!)… but then again, that’s what everybody thought about the Germans in 1933.

This time, the Jackal may not miss.

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