Michael Yeadon’s Message on the Coming Dark Winter

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by Chris Black

Michael Yeadon, is a former high-level Pfizer employee who has been speaking out against the virus hoax and the deadly vaccine, issued a dire warning regarding the coming Dark Winter.

From his Telegram Channel:

I desperately want to be wrong.

We’d all have a good laugh at my expense & I’d even lead the charge.

But I’m not wrong.

At the very best, we’ve had most govts lying to us for over 20 months.

This has caused or at least contributed to hundreds of thousands of deaths.

The world economy has been reshaped, destroying big chunks of the aspirational middle classes as well as their predecessors.

Billions of people are somewhere between unstable & clinically insane.
Lockdown, masks, business closures. Immunity, PCR, vaccines, all lies or severely misleading takes on everything.

The worst part, from my perspective, has been the Soviet level of propaganda, suppression & censorship.
Not only main / legacy media but almost the entire internet is controlled by perpetrators.

Where is this all going?

There’s the challenge.

Cowards assert it’ll get better in its own, pretending its a natural phenomenon.

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They’re the worst.

There’s a large group who genuinely don’t know what’s going on, a growing number of whom are stirring uneasily. They sense it doesn’t all add up. They won’t be initiators but could be recruited by an alternative narrative that’s not only plausible but true.

Some others know we’ve suffered a global coup d’etat but are pinning their hopes on an outcome that just enforces restrictions. That’s just wishful thinking. Consider the ambition of this as well as it’s costs & risks. I don’t believe the return on that can be as limited as restricting our freedoms to fly, eat meat, to drive & to whack on the heating whenever we want.

So I’m with the catastrophists who think depopulation is by far the most likely.

It’s depressing, because despite 18 months of attempts to point out the myriad obvious untruths being told, coupled recently with mass scale injuries & deaths, the lies continue thick & fast.

I have a strong & I think well founded fear of a winter of torture. They’ve already trailed enough things to be pretty sure some combination of these are coming.

I’m asking for imaginative help.

If you were me, what do you think is the most effective way to reach a LOT more people??

Dr Mike Yeadon


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