Michelle Obama Is Freaking Out After Damning VIDEO Surfaces!!!

by Thinker
FLASHBACK TO OBAMA WHITE HOUSE DAYS: Michelle Obama is freaking out after damning video surfaces. A video of Michelle Obama gushing over Harvey Weinstein in 2013 at a student film symposium has come to light.

Tucker: Harvey Weinstein Was In The White House 13 Times With The Obama’s
JANUARY 2017 – Malia Obama Will Intern for Harvey Weinstein Before Heading to Harvard
Barack and Michelle’s eldest daughter has accepted an internship with the film producer. No background check on the employer of the president’s daughter, or did they already know? Did money and power play a role in the people like the Obama’s who spent years praising powerhouse Harvey W.?
Hollywood like politics pay-to-play?
“TIME’S UP HOLLYWOOD!” Judge Jeanine GOES OFF on Hollywood Celebrities & Harvey Weinstein

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14 thoughts on “Michelle Obama Is Freaking Out After Damning VIDEO Surfaces!!!

  1. Why check out Uncle Harvey? You know….the Hollywood producer who loves to supply you and bozo with those little boys to entertain? Gosh….he’s above reproach….look at all the money he’s donated to us under the table!!!!!

    • Damn, You are so far off. It was Bushsr. who had the Naked Boy Midnight White House Tours. Do You ever think beyond anything Obama? You know it was 9/11 and Bushjr. who set the course OUR Country is currently on. You know there would have never been an Obama Administration if NOT for Bushjr.’s incompetence. Go reread Your copy of My Pet Goat. It might help Your Alzheimer’s. MAGA!

      • Bush Sr said the words New World Order first….and he was the one who screwed up this country….not his idiotic man child junior. And you’re trying to have me believe that bozo and his husband didn’t have any kids delivered to them on Lolita Island by Epstein? Why did the bozos take a vacation in California at the home of two known fags right after leaving the WH? Stop protecting the two fags….it might do you some good if you read My Pet Goat yourself and stop pandering to the two fags who pretended to be POTUS and FLOTUS.

        • First, I’m not sure who “bozo” or “his husband” is. Bozo was a Clown on tv when I was a kid. Why the insults? Afraid of Clowns?
          Second, Trump went to Lolita Island by way of the Lolita Express many times. Probably more often, then even Clinton did.
          To whom are You referring to as “two known fags”? Didn’t realize LGBT Folks were exclusive to Calif. either. Adding to My confusion. Homophobic We are? Or just another Sharia Law Catholic?
          You bring up vacations. At His current pace. Trump’s vacations will cost US Tax payers more by the end of this year. Then Obamas’ did over 2 (two) Full Terms. And spent as much time on HIS Golf course then Bushjr.s’ 1st. Term at least. Ladies & Gentlemen: I give You OUR New VACATION PRESIDENT
          But, but but Obama! MAGA!

          • Bozo and his husband are the Obamas. I hate that last name and never use it unless folks like you don’t understand….. I am a raging homophobe thank you and detest fags, trannys and all deviants mental cases.

  2. Weinstein is protected, well, was protected by the hidden few that run this planet.
    They are always in need of good communicators (Hollywood) to keep us pigeons under control; and he did exactly what he was told…at least in the past.
    Do you really think anyone beyond Weinstein is in any state of panic? I am really not too sure even he is panicking.
    His activities were a Hollywood secret and unless he was publicly pronouncing his activities and was still being invited, everyone has an excuse.
    Why he is being exposed now, would be very interesting.
    Aaron Russel refused to work with them–he died shortly thereafter.

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