Michigan Governor Whitmer is Shutting Down Pipeline 5 and Starving Canada of oil

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Eastern Canada relies on that pipeline to supply the eastern Provinces with oil. She is threatening to shutting it down.

— “Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer says the state of Michigan will attempt to seize any profits that Enbridge makes from operating the controversial Line 5 oil pipeline under the Straits of Mackinac if the company doesn’t comply with her order to shut the line down this week.

In letter to Enbridge Vice President Vern Yu on Tuesday, May 11, Whitmer said the state will pursue trespass and unjust enrichment claims in court if Enbridge moves oil through the line in violation of her November shutdown order, which goes into effect at midnight on Wednesday.”

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This is in violation of a Canadian US treaty!

“In a related case, the Canadian government filed a brief Tuesday in federal court, arguing Michigan’s shutdown order should be halted while the U.S. and Canada discuss whether closing the pipeline violates a 1977 cross-border pipeline treaty between the two nations.”



Canada asks U.S. court to prevent Michigan from shutting down Line 5 pipeline.

In court documents filed today, the federal government sided with Calgary-based Enbridge in a dispute over Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s ongoing attempt to shut down the energy giant’s Line 5 pipeline.

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Lawyers for the Canadian government argue in an amicus brief that turning off the taps would cause significant damage to Canada’s economy and energy security, and would threaten the bilateral relationship between the two nations.

“The proposed shutdown would cause a massive and potentially permanent disruption to Canada’s economy and energy security,” the document reads.





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