Microsoft Teams overtakes Slack with 13 million daily users. And they’re growing faster

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Microsoft Teams overtakes Slack with 13 million daily users –

Microsoft is finally revealing exactly how many people are using its Slack competitor Microsoft Teams. The software maker says that more than 13 million people are using Microsoft Teams daily, along with more than 19 million weekly active users. This is the first time Microsoft has revealed an active user count, and the company’s previous update was that 500,000 organizations were using the service back in March.

This figure is above the more than 10 million people who use Slack daily. Slack revealed its 10 million daily active user count earlier this year, and it used the same figure back in April in a financial filingThe Verge asked Slack for an update on active users, but the company is in a quiet period after its initial public offering (IPO), so there are no new numbers.

Either way, Microsoft is keen to let everyone know that it has passed Slack. It’s certainly an achievement after just two years since Teams launched, but Microsoft Teams versus Slack isn’t a clear-cut competition. Microsoft bundles Teams with its Office 365 subscriptions for businesses, whereas Slack is a separate paid service. That gives Microsoft a clear advantage for certain types of businesses, but Slack is still winning the hearts of small businesses and startups that are happy using Google’s G Suite rather than relying on Word, Excel, and Outlook.

Microsoft has been aggressively pushing Teams, and these active user numbers come just as the company is heading to Las Vegas next week for its annual partner conference. Recent reports have suggested that Microsoft’s sales teams are focusing on getting people to use Teams over the course of the next year, so we could see Microsoft pull even further ahead with these daily active user counts if the company continues to publish them publicly.

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