Middle-East peace in jeopardy if the US opts for the ‘establishment orthodoxy’ of Biden

The move towards Middle-Eastern peace is in jeopardy if the US “opts for the establishment orthodoxy of Joe Biden next month,” says Sky News host Chris Kenny.

A delegation of Israeli students and tourism officials recently boarded a flight to the United Arab Emirates from Israel following a mutual recognition to normalise relations between both the UAE and Bahrain, with Israel in Washington last month.

The deal was overseen by US President Donald Trump whose Middle-East diplomacy was crucial in the landmark development.

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“There is a long way to go for the Middle-East, but Trump’s progress is just another area of his success that most of the media ignores,” Mr Kenny said.

“And it’s an area of advancement that just might be at risk if the US opts for the establishment orthodoxy of Joe Biden next month.”

The flight was the first Etihad Airlines flight to land in Tel Aviv and was expected to become a regular shuttle from Abu Dhabi and other airports in the UAE to Israel.

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“These flights, of course, demonstrate the normalisation of relations between the UAE and Israel,” Mr Kenny said.

Mr Kenny said it was “one short flight and safe landing for a Boeing Dreamliner, but one giant leap for peace in the Middle-East”.