Mike Cernovich to Challenge Gavin Newsom

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Author, Filmmaker and Activist Mike Cernovich to Challenge Governor Newsom as Likelihood of Recall Looms


Mike Cernovich to Challenge Gavin Newsom if There’s a Recall to Force Debate on ‘War Crimes’

…While Cernovich has plans to enter the race, he said in a Periscope video on Monday his chances of winning in a state like California were non-existent.

“There’s a 0 percent chance I could win the election. I have no delusion about that, but if I can get enough of a base of support I can force hair gel Hitler, which is what we call Newsom … to answer for his war crimes, his human rights violations,” Cernovich said.

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Cernovich produced a 2019 documentary on the fake MSM ‘Hoaxed’:


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